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Writer's Block: 9/11   
09:07am 11/09/2011
Where were you?
I was on a bus heading into New York City for my daily grind at the office and sadly had a perfect view of the terrible events that transpired that day. The bus was stopped before entering the Lincoln Tunnel and took us back to our stops. I went home and spent the rest of the day in a surreal haze.
Is this thing on? *taptaptap*   
09:58am 15/07/2009
mood: drained
76 weeks since I last posted something here. I'm quite sure most of my friends have removed me from their lists of friends because of this lack of posting. Some of you I still see on-line in one form or another, others I really don't. I can only say to anyone reading I will try to post more regularly.

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm not really into this whole social network explosion of MySpace and Facebook and Twitter and what I'm sure are countless other clones, but keeping an on-line journal is something I can manage. I know some people won't understand why I can deal with Live Journal and not Facebook, but let me try to sum it up. As fun as they might be I didn't join Facebook to get bombarded with 25 requests a day for Mob Wars or any other of those little applications or games. If I wanted to play games I'd be playing Fallout 3, or Crysis, or World of Warcraft. When I'm on a site like this to communicate with my friends, I want to communicate.


For those that don't know I'm currently working a new job for an old friend. I'm doing VSAT Internet service provision for mega-yachts and Linux administration. Sometimes some troubleshooting for customers, but that's billable time to them so I don't do it often. It's pretty wild when you think about it. All the customers of my new company are boats (if you can call them that) that are between 40 and 77 meters long. Some of them with helipads on the back as well as their own array of wave runners and some even have a small 15-20 fishing boat with them. Work is keeping me very busy and basically on European time as I wake at about 02:00 to 04:00 and am back in bed by about 19:00-21:00 depending.

The money is less than what I was making at my last job, but the ability to work from home offsets that nicely. As does the promise of a major raise and promotion when the company really takes off. With what our European sales guy is up to I think that time is quickly approaching.

Onto personal things! I'm currently engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world and we're expecting to have a civil marriage December of this year. Then, when we can afford it and get immigration issues sorted out, a big party for friends and family and stuff. Oh yeah, she lives in Edinburgh, Scotland at present. We get along so well despite this great big pond between us. We have so many common interests and opinions I couldn't have wished for a better woman.

That's about all the time I can spare now, but I will be writing much more regularly. Promise. :)
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10:48am 28/01/2008
mood: aggravated
Well, I was finally the victim of a hacker. Saturday afternoon my World of Warcraft account was compromised. Thankfully I found out very quickly from a phone call from a friend who was curious why I wasn't answering his /whipsers. Once he was sure it wasn't me my guild started harassing him. Through clever subterfuge one of my guildmates tricked him into giving up the password that he had set on my account. Phrases like "Do you know what happens to geeks in prison?" and "Thank you for staying online to answer all these messages. It's given Blizzard customer support enough time to trace your IP address and to contact your Internet Service Provider. Legal action will be forthcoming."

Recovering the account was easy, though, because I would have done it through Blizzard's support anyway. The hard part now is getting Blizzard to give back all the items and gold that are missing. I logged to see all my characters except my raiding Warlock naked with no bags or gear. Anything that could have been sold to a vendor for coin, no matter how little, was gone. The only reason the Warlock still had all the gear she was wearing was because this little punk was using my character to farm up gold.

I'm going to do all in my power to make this hackers life miserable. I'm also going to make myself annoying to Blizzard to make sure they go after him, too, or at least give me the means to go after him myself.
09:26am 08/01/2008
mood: working
So the mega-clutz I am is walking down Banzai's stairs this past Sunday and somehow I manage to slip. Granted I was wearing socks on a hardwood floor so I guess its not totally out of the realm of reason. So, I know now what an uncontrolled fall down half a flight of steps feels like. It's not fun. Far from it. I did manage to catch myself before doing the whole flight of steps but not without injuring myself.

Details of the injuryCollapse )

Apart from that my weekend went pretty good. My main character on the World of Warcraft Bloodhoof server got the Soulfrost Enchant from Karazhan. This is a huge deal. I'm the only person in our guild, Synergos, that has it now. w00t! :)
Substantial Change = Time For a Post   
12:41pm 03/01/2008
mood: working
For those that don't know I've been unemployed since late June of 2007. Getting unemployment was mostly getting me by but it was just short sometimes. There were periods of intense depression, intense drinking, and sometimes I just didn't care anymore and was totally fine around friends. I never would have guessed that getting part-time employment would have hurt my income rather than helped it. Apparently unemployment is only concerned with your gross incoming. The net incoming from my job was less than unemployment but the gross was more so I ended up getting less money. What a raw deal.

Anyways, after a longer than desired vacation from the workforce I'm finally back and finally out of Quality Assurance. I'm now the sole Network Administrator for a Windows/Linux environment. Most of the company mission critical systems for their product run on Windows. I'm told this is due to standards that are in place that require Windows. The company servers for Mail and DNS and the like, however, all run Linux.

Boy did I jump in with both feet here. They had me on part-time for a month of 3 day weeks to test me out. In that time I cleaned up their mail system, wrote some custom Perl scripts to deal with all the hack attempts getting stopped at the firewalls (this was a fun script to write; if anyone wants to know more just comment and I'll get all geeky on ya), centralized their syslog messages in a MySQL database, got their Windows boxes throwing syslog messages, recovered data from my bosses bad HD that he thought was lost (major bonus points), and started writing up notes to build a second data center that will act as a failover incase our primary goes down. I was a very busy little beaver.

Now I'm fulltime here. I've apparently made friends very quickly with everyone here. The number of geeks here is sparse and they're all in my little office, including my boss the CTO, but the number of gamers is vast. Everyone in the call center plays WoW, Vampire, D&D, Call of Cthulu, owns Xbox 360's and PSP's, etc. It was instant friendship the day Dan left his Call of Cthulu book in the break room. Once common ground was found with one of them it was like an avalanche. Was pretty cool, actually. :)

Well, time to get back to verifying the yearly backup from 2007 so we can get it moved off-site ASAP. Hope all of you that read this are well.
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More Fun For Toast   
12:46pm 11/06/2007
mood: amused
Well, what I knew would happen one day has finally come to pass. I was dealing with some dishs last night at about 12:30am and a knock came at the door. There was a man there asking for Toast. I called Toast to the door and the guy said he was here on behalf of Staten Island Honda. Toast starts asking him what this is about and before the guy at the door could answer I said, "Dude, he's here to repo your car."

The guy at the door nodded and then did something I wasn't expecting. He offered to let Toast get all his personal stuff outta the car. The guy had already hooked the car up to the tow truck and we cleaned it out. I told Toast to hand over the key before the guy could ask and thanked him for being cool about it and not just taking the car quietly. He said he tried to work with people and give them the chance to cooperate because if he tells the dealership that it's point for Toast. Toast got his points.

Toast was all sorts of pissed off last night and apparently thought they wouldn't find the car at my address. I politely asked him what address he gave Wawa before he threw that job away. He said mine. I then explained to him about how that information is on credit reports and all they needed to do was run the credit report for him again and they'd find it. He was actually surprised by this realization.

So he was getting all out of control. He was just starting to make real money at the deli driving deliveries around and Linda is looking to open another deli and take him on fully time but now his life's over and blah blah blah. I nicely explained to him that he's not sleeping on cold concrete and he can drive my old Monte Carlo to keep trying to make money while he bugs his father's side of the family for loans to get his Honda back.

I think sometimes about taking him to Texas with me, but he's not showing me enough that he wants to help himself. If he'd really get his shit together and start taking care of business.. just START.. I'd let him follow me. The way it's going is he'll be on the street when I leave and as much of a pain in my ass that he can be, I don't like that. Ugh.
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The Return of Toast   
11:54am 07/06/2007
mood: indifferent
So Toast came back yesterday while I was home sick from work. We talked and apparently he wasn't moving out because his place to go fell through. I made it clear to him that since he didn't tell me anything I assumed he had moved out and was planning on throwing out all his stuff this coming weekend. Apparantly he was just staying with a friend in Harrisburg, PA for a week.

I asked him about his job at Wawa and he said that he'd called out sick and told them he'd gotten food poisoning from one of their roast beef subs. What an idiot, though I don't expect much of Toast in the brainpan department. They said come back with a doctors note obviously fearing a law suit or something. He didn't go to the doctor so he never went back to work. Asshat throws away a perfectly good job.

So now he's back in the house and not working. I swear I done with his drama. He's either getting another job and fast or he's doing whatever I tell him to do around the apartment which also includes going to the store for me for beer or subs or anything I want. He's not paying his half of the bills with cash so I'm going to take it out of his ass any way I can get it.

That being said, I asked him to do my laundry last night. Gave him $20 to put on the laundry card (the machines don't take cash at my apartment) and woke up this morning to the hamper being right where I left it. This is my first test at taking no shit from him. I sent him an IM wanting to know why he didn't do my laundry but he's still asleep.

With my impending move to Texas coming up and him without his act together this kid is going to die in Jersey on the street. I'm starting to care less and less, though.
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Well, now that I am mostly retard free maybe I can get on with life   
02:44pm 04/06/2007
mood: indifferent
Toast said he had a place to go on the first. He wasn't kidding. I got home from work that day and his computer and just about everything he could pack into his car was gone. Naturally his mess was left behind. A closet full of clothes, his air mattress, garbage around his computer desk (which I'll be tossing soon anyways since it's flimsy shite). He didn't come back once this weekend and apparentlky he didn't tell work he was moving to Pennsylvania, either, because they called looking for him.

Whatever. Good riddance and have a nice life, Toast. Don't ask me for help with anything for a good long while after the number you did on me this time around.

Now as long as I can clean up after myself my apartment should remain habitable and orderly. Well, who am I kidding. I'll just have to try to keep the clutter to a minimum.
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Business-Minded Wallet   
10:22am 22/05/2007
mood: enraged
Apparently I'm one lucky dude. I have a very business-minded wallet. It understands that whenever a service is performed payment for that service is expected. Apparently the cost for holding 5 $20 bills is 1 $20 bill. If only Toast had such a mind for business he'd be so much better off....

Speaking of Toast and money, I wasn't drunk last night and I don't sleep walk. This leads me to believe the little shithead decided to lift $20 out of my wallet. Apparently one night locked out of the house wasn't enough to show him that I am not to fucked with. Now I have to kick him out completely and totally, but I can't let him know anything is wrong until later when I get home. If he's willing to lift $20 out of my wallet when he thinks he'll get away with it I don't need him knowing that he's out prematurely. I mean, who knows what else would be missing from my apartment when I got home. Thankfully I have his license plate written down as a note in my cell phone and I know his car is on the repo list so I have something over him.

At this point he's pushed me nicely and I'm thinking about letting all the air out of all 4 of his tires tonight while he sleeps and watch him try to figure it out a solution. This is the Evil side of me. I can be very petty and unusually cruel when pushed. Maybe just two of the tires, one on each side so he'll try to put the donut on and then get to the other side and realize how screwed he really is.

Whatever I do, I'm pissed off to the extreme and there is no saving him now. He's done. I see that I was wrong to give him even this last chance despite him cleaning up like we agreed he would. I have learned a life lesson from this and I should thank him for that.
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Toast is toast...   
11:16am 14/05/2007
mood: aggravated
Well, I've been after Toast for like 3 weeks to take out the trash. I really don't know why I waited so long before doing what I did last night. I let him sleep because he worked and when he woke up I had the following conversation with him (paraphrased of course):

Me: So why haven't you taken the garbage out? I feel we have a lack of respect thing going on here.

Toast: I'm just lazy, I guess.

Me: Well, I asked you nicely for weeks to take the trash out and you didn't do it. I ordered you to take the trash out yesterday and you didn't do it. Now I'm telling you that you will take the trash out or your ass is on the street.

Him: I have a place to live on June 1st anyway.

Me: So what are you going to do for the 2 and a half weeks before June 1st? Live on the street?

Him: Well, I've been on the street for 2 or 3 years. Besides I have a car I can sleep in.

Me: Yeah, a leased car that you haven't mady any payments on in 4 months.

Him: I don't care. I have it now.

Me: Well, whatever. What are you gonna do? Take out the trash or get out tonight?

-- no answer for 30 minutes --

Me: So what's it gonna be?

Him: I'm still thinking. (as he sits and chats on AIM on his computer)

Me: Think faster. You're running out of time before work to give me an answer.

Him: I could just kill myself.

Me: Don't even pull that shit with me. I'll hand you the knife to do it, just do it outside so you don't bleed all over my floor. I don't have a mop to clean it up. I'm not gonna cry over that, cave and let you stay.

Him: The difference is that if you were mom I'd do it.

Me: Make your choice.

-- 30 minutes later he leaves for work without another word to me. --

So... I locked up all the windows and the doors when I left for work this morning and I'm expecting to find a broken window when I get home so I'll be filing a police report and all that for it. He's broken into our sisters house after she kicked his ass out so I'm expecting he's going to do it to me, too.

I gave this kid (He may be 24, but he's still absolutely a kid. Zero responsibility.) every opportunity to change and to get better. He has the job he has right now because I forced him to fill out the application. Not so much as a "Thanks for helping me to help myself make some money." Gah. I'm so done with his bullshit. I have my own to deal with.
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11:27am 08/01/2007
mood: sick
I'm apparently down with the sickness.....again. Was at Bane's last night playing some D&D, which went very well. I may change my Fighter character to a Rogue, though, so I can take levels in the Master of Chains Prestige Class faster. I've been wanting to play one of these guys forever and never get the chance.
Anyways, while at Bane's place as the night was wearing merrily onward I started to lose my appetite for ice cream cake (That's an immediate Red Flag) and started feeling chilly. By the end of the night I had a full-on fever I stuck it out and when I got home and got ready for bed I was shivering so badly that it hurt. That combined with restless sleep and now I'm at work so I'm real happy about life today. I'm gonna skip lunch and keep drinking lots of water. Hoefully I'll feel better in a day or two.
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What Religion Is Right For Me (quiz)   
11:51am 02/01/2007
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Fender Bender   
12:24pm 23/10/2006
mood: bored
Well, I was in my first car accident involving another driver yesterday. She had 2 passengers in her car and I had Dr. Banzai riding shotgun with me. I was crossing Route 9 on Texas Road and was moving through the intersection when she decided to try to make a left turn right in front of me. I slammed on the breaks but couldn't stop in time. The damage? Her front passenger door got dented nicely where it connected with my front passenger headlight. My headlight got destroyed, a little dent in the fender, the bumper got torn open and there's a little dent in the frame behind the bumper.

My major concern was bodily injury and there was no. My first question after we both pulled over was "Is everyone okay?! Is anyone hurt?!" They all said no numerous times because I asked numerous times. We exchanged insurance information and then agreed to get repair estimates and meet up to see who had a heavier repair bill and then make arrangements for whoever it was to pay the difference to the other and we'd be done with it. I wanted to call the cops and do it right, but this girl was 17 and admitted to being in an accident recently coming to the area to see her boyfriend. With all her crying and flipping out I relented and didn't force the police to the scene.

Banzai and I drive off after they're satisfied they have enough of my information and we hit the movies anyways. I was actually laughing about it after I was sure no one was injured because I had just replaced the other headlight like a week prior. After the movie we just get into the car and my phone rings. A strange number. It was the girls mother who was rather beligerant on the phone with me telling me she's going to file an insurance claim and be all official about it. I confirmed, "So you'd rather not settle this among ourselves? You want to go through the whole process." She again said that she'd be filing the insurance claim Monday morning. I agreed to do the same and we hung up.

Figuring that she wants to be all official about it I immediately drove to the police station for the municipality where it happened and filed a civilian accident report. I had to call them back though because the report needed her driver's license number and other personal information. She refused to give me any more information and said to tell the police that they'll have to call her to get it. I told the officer on duty exactly that and he just nodded and said not to worry, that they can easily get that information. I knew that part already.

Somehow through this ordeal the lights still work on the car so I'm not driving a ticket machine, unless of course the police want to pull me over to ask about the damage. I really hope the good karma I earned by trying to be a nice guy about this comes back to me soon since I think the mother here is going to try to screw me somehow.

For all those that are planning to click that "Add a comment" button, don't do it if you're only going to tell me how stupid I was for not calling the police to the scene. I don't need to hear it, not even as a joke.
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What kind of music am I?   
03:01pm 21/07/2006
mood: happy
Take the quiz:
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Which Guitarist Am I?   
03:00pm 21/07/2006
mood: content
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What Kinda Goth Am I?   
11:31am 22/06/2006
mood: amused

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06:12pm 09/06/2006
mood: ecstatic
I am geek! Hear the clickity-click of my keyboard as I code!

I've been fighting with TFTP for the past 2 days to make a new server to netboot and install my company's product and I finally got it working! w00t! I realize this is a small thing but it made me feel like a King when it finally worked. :)
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o/~ It's Thursday and I'm bored o/~   
11:48am 01/06/2006
mood: bored
Sitting at work now.. Working very, very hard to be hardly working. Writing some game notes for the Epic game I'm running on Friday nights over at an old friends place. Finally got Dr. Banzai to come along with me and he had a great time. I knew he'd like Bob, Liese and Dave but Bane's mouth really helped Banzai prejudge them.

Saturday is going to be very cool. My character in the Star Wars game kinda slipped off because I was dead tired last session and conked out and now the rest of the troupe is off the world and on Kashyyyk in the Shadowlands. I'm going to play a different character for the next session; someone they'll meet in the Shadowlands. It should be a bit of a surprise to the rest of the group who, though, so I won't say here.

My character will be back shortly, I guess, beacuse the GM wants the rest of the group involved in her destiny (After a vision of the groups destiny's we're all trying to seek our destiny). I personally would rather rejoin the group after a noticable absence being a changed person. The GM likened it to Luke being on Dagobah training with Yoda and I liked that, but I think I liked the duration more than the GM. Ah well.

Okay, time to actually try to work now...
Stolen from a good friend   
01:47pm 31/05/2006
mood: amused

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Stolen from faenocturne   
01:16pm 22/05/2006
Your Linguistic Profile::
50% General American English
25% Yankee
20% Dixie
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern
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