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o/~ It's Thursday and I'm bored o/~

Sitting at work now.. Working very, very hard to be hardly working. Writing some game notes for the Epic game I'm running on Friday nights over at an old friends place. Finally got Dr. Banzai to come along with me and he had a great time. I knew he'd like Bob, Liese and Dave but Bane's mouth really helped Banzai prejudge them.

Saturday is going to be very cool. My character in the Star Wars game kinda slipped off because I was dead tired last session and conked out and now the rest of the troupe is off the world and on Kashyyyk in the Shadowlands. I'm going to play a different character for the next session; someone they'll meet in the Shadowlands. It should be a bit of a surprise to the rest of the group who, though, so I won't say here.

My character will be back shortly, I guess, beacuse the GM wants the rest of the group involved in her destiny (After a vision of the groups destiny's we're all trying to seek our destiny). I personally would rather rejoin the group after a noticable absence being a changed person. The GM likened it to Luke being on Dagobah training with Yoda and I liked that, but I think I liked the duration more than the GM. Ah well.

Okay, time to actually try to work now...
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