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Fender Bender

Well, I was in my first car accident involving another driver yesterday. She had 2 passengers in her car and I had Dr. Banzai riding shotgun with me. I was crossing Route 9 on Texas Road and was moving through the intersection when she decided to try to make a left turn right in front of me. I slammed on the breaks but couldn't stop in time. The damage? Her front passenger door got dented nicely where it connected with my front passenger headlight. My headlight got destroyed, a little dent in the fender, the bumper got torn open and there's a little dent in the frame behind the bumper.

My major concern was bodily injury and there was no. My first question after we both pulled over was "Is everyone okay?! Is anyone hurt?!" They all said no numerous times because I asked numerous times. We exchanged insurance information and then agreed to get repair estimates and meet up to see who had a heavier repair bill and then make arrangements for whoever it was to pay the difference to the other and we'd be done with it. I wanted to call the cops and do it right, but this girl was 17 and admitted to being in an accident recently coming to the area to see her boyfriend. With all her crying and flipping out I relented and didn't force the police to the scene.

Banzai and I drive off after they're satisfied they have enough of my information and we hit the movies anyways. I was actually laughing about it after I was sure no one was injured because I had just replaced the other headlight like a week prior. After the movie we just get into the car and my phone rings. A strange number. It was the girls mother who was rather beligerant on the phone with me telling me she's going to file an insurance claim and be all official about it. I confirmed, "So you'd rather not settle this among ourselves? You want to go through the whole process." She again said that she'd be filing the insurance claim Monday morning. I agreed to do the same and we hung up.

Figuring that she wants to be all official about it I immediately drove to the police station for the municipality where it happened and filed a civilian accident report. I had to call them back though because the report needed her driver's license number and other personal information. She refused to give me any more information and said to tell the police that they'll have to call her to get it. I told the officer on duty exactly that and he just nodded and said not to worry, that they can easily get that information. I knew that part already.

Somehow through this ordeal the lights still work on the car so I'm not driving a ticket machine, unless of course the police want to pull me over to ask about the damage. I really hope the good karma I earned by trying to be a nice guy about this comes back to me soon since I think the mother here is going to try to screw me somehow.

For all those that are planning to click that "Add a comment" button, don't do it if you're only going to tell me how stupid I was for not calling the police to the scene. I don't need to hear it, not even as a joke.
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