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I'm apparently down with the sickness.....again. Was at Bane's last night playing some D&D, which went very well. I may change my Fighter character to a Rogue, though, so I can take levels in the Master of Chains Prestige Class faster. I've been wanting to play one of these guys forever and never get the chance.
Anyways, while at Bane's place as the night was wearing merrily onward I started to lose my appetite for ice cream cake (That's an immediate Red Flag) and started feeling chilly. By the end of the night I had a full-on fever I stuck it out and when I got home and got ready for bed I was shivering so badly that it hurt. That combined with restless sleep and now I'm at work so I'm real happy about life today. I'm gonna skip lunch and keep drinking lots of water. Hoefully I'll feel better in a day or two.
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