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Toast is toast...

Well, I've been after Toast for like 3 weeks to take out the trash. I really don't know why I waited so long before doing what I did last night. I let him sleep because he worked and when he woke up I had the following conversation with him (paraphrased of course):

Me: So why haven't you taken the garbage out? I feel we have a lack of respect thing going on here.

Toast: I'm just lazy, I guess.

Me: Well, I asked you nicely for weeks to take the trash out and you didn't do it. I ordered you to take the trash out yesterday and you didn't do it. Now I'm telling you that you will take the trash out or your ass is on the street.

Him: I have a place to live on June 1st anyway.

Me: So what are you going to do for the 2 and a half weeks before June 1st? Live on the street?

Him: Well, I've been on the street for 2 or 3 years. Besides I have a car I can sleep in.

Me: Yeah, a leased car that you haven't mady any payments on in 4 months.

Him: I don't care. I have it now.

Me: Well, whatever. What are you gonna do? Take out the trash or get out tonight?

-- no answer for 30 minutes --

Me: So what's it gonna be?

Him: I'm still thinking. (as he sits and chats on AIM on his computer)

Me: Think faster. You're running out of time before work to give me an answer.

Him: I could just kill myself.

Me: Don't even pull that shit with me. I'll hand you the knife to do it, just do it outside so you don't bleed all over my floor. I don't have a mop to clean it up. I'm not gonna cry over that, cave and let you stay.

Him: The difference is that if you were mom I'd do it.

Me: Make your choice.

-- 30 minutes later he leaves for work without another word to me. --

So... I locked up all the windows and the doors when I left for work this morning and I'm expecting to find a broken window when I get home so I'll be filing a police report and all that for it. He's broken into our sisters house after she kicked his ass out so I'm expecting he's going to do it to me, too.

I gave this kid (He may be 24, but he's still absolutely a kid. Zero responsibility.) every opportunity to change and to get better. He has the job he has right now because I forced him to fill out the application. Not so much as a "Thanks for helping me to help myself make some money." Gah. I'm so done with his bullshit. I have my own to deal with.
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