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Business-Minded Wallet

Apparently I'm one lucky dude. I have a very business-minded wallet. It understands that whenever a service is performed payment for that service is expected. Apparently the cost for holding 5 $20 bills is 1 $20 bill. If only Toast had such a mind for business he'd be so much better off....

Speaking of Toast and money, I wasn't drunk last night and I don't sleep walk. This leads me to believe the little shithead decided to lift $20 out of my wallet. Apparently one night locked out of the house wasn't enough to show him that I am not to fucked with. Now I have to kick him out completely and totally, but I can't let him know anything is wrong until later when I get home. If he's willing to lift $20 out of my wallet when he thinks he'll get away with it I don't need him knowing that he's out prematurely. I mean, who knows what else would be missing from my apartment when I got home. Thankfully I have his license plate written down as a note in my cell phone and I know his car is on the repo list so I have something over him.

At this point he's pushed me nicely and I'm thinking about letting all the air out of all 4 of his tires tonight while he sleeps and watch him try to figure it out a solution. This is the Evil side of me. I can be very petty and unusually cruel when pushed. Maybe just two of the tires, one on each side so he'll try to put the donut on and then get to the other side and realize how screwed he really is.

Whatever I do, I'm pissed off to the extreme and there is no saving him now. He's done. I see that I was wrong to give him even this last chance despite him cleaning up like we agreed he would. I have learned a life lesson from this and I should thank him for that.
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