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Well, now that I am mostly retard free maybe I can get on with life

Toast said he had a place to go on the first. He wasn't kidding. I got home from work that day and his computer and just about everything he could pack into his car was gone. Naturally his mess was left behind. A closet full of clothes, his air mattress, garbage around his computer desk (which I'll be tossing soon anyways since it's flimsy shite). He didn't come back once this weekend and apparentlky he didn't tell work he was moving to Pennsylvania, either, because they called looking for him.

Whatever. Good riddance and have a nice life, Toast. Don't ask me for help with anything for a good long while after the number you did on me this time around.

Now as long as I can clean up after myself my apartment should remain habitable and orderly. Well, who am I kidding. I'll just have to try to keep the clutter to a minimum.
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