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The Return of Toast

So Toast came back yesterday while I was home sick from work. We talked and apparently he wasn't moving out because his place to go fell through. I made it clear to him that since he didn't tell me anything I assumed he had moved out and was planning on throwing out all his stuff this coming weekend. Apparantly he was just staying with a friend in Harrisburg, PA for a week.

I asked him about his job at Wawa and he said that he'd called out sick and told them he'd gotten food poisoning from one of their roast beef subs. What an idiot, though I don't expect much of Toast in the brainpan department. They said come back with a doctors note obviously fearing a law suit or something. He didn't go to the doctor so he never went back to work. Asshat throws away a perfectly good job.

So now he's back in the house and not working. I swear I done with his drama. He's either getting another job and fast or he's doing whatever I tell him to do around the apartment which also includes going to the store for me for beer or subs or anything I want. He's not paying his half of the bills with cash so I'm going to take it out of his ass any way I can get it.

That being said, I asked him to do my laundry last night. Gave him $20 to put on the laundry card (the machines don't take cash at my apartment) and woke up this morning to the hamper being right where I left it. This is my first test at taking no shit from him. I sent him an IM wanting to know why he didn't do my laundry but he's still asleep.

With my impending move to Texas coming up and him without his act together this kid is going to die in Jersey on the street. I'm starting to care less and less, though.
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