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More Fun For Toast

Well, what I knew would happen one day has finally come to pass. I was dealing with some dishs last night at about 12:30am and a knock came at the door. There was a man there asking for Toast. I called Toast to the door and the guy said he was here on behalf of Staten Island Honda. Toast starts asking him what this is about and before the guy at the door could answer I said, "Dude, he's here to repo your car."

The guy at the door nodded and then did something I wasn't expecting. He offered to let Toast get all his personal stuff outta the car. The guy had already hooked the car up to the tow truck and we cleaned it out. I told Toast to hand over the key before the guy could ask and thanked him for being cool about it and not just taking the car quietly. He said he tried to work with people and give them the chance to cooperate because if he tells the dealership that it's point for Toast. Toast got his points.

Toast was all sorts of pissed off last night and apparently thought they wouldn't find the car at my address. I politely asked him what address he gave Wawa before he threw that job away. He said mine. I then explained to him about how that information is on credit reports and all they needed to do was run the credit report for him again and they'd find it. He was actually surprised by this realization.

So he was getting all out of control. He was just starting to make real money at the deli driving deliveries around and Linda is looking to open another deli and take him on fully time but now his life's over and blah blah blah. I nicely explained to him that he's not sleeping on cold concrete and he can drive my old Monte Carlo to keep trying to make money while he bugs his father's side of the family for loans to get his Honda back.

I think sometimes about taking him to Texas with me, but he's not showing me enough that he wants to help himself. If he'd really get his shit together and start taking care of business.. just START.. I'd let him follow me. The way it's going is he'll be on the street when I leave and as much of a pain in my ass that he can be, I don't like that. Ugh.
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