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Substantial Change = Time For a Post

For those that don't know I've been unemployed since late June of 2007. Getting unemployment was mostly getting me by but it was just short sometimes. There were periods of intense depression, intense drinking, and sometimes I just didn't care anymore and was totally fine around friends. I never would have guessed that getting part-time employment would have hurt my income rather than helped it. Apparently unemployment is only concerned with your gross incoming. The net incoming from my job was less than unemployment but the gross was more so I ended up getting less money. What a raw deal.

Anyways, after a longer than desired vacation from the workforce I'm finally back and finally out of Quality Assurance. I'm now the sole Network Administrator for a Windows/Linux environment. Most of the company mission critical systems for their product run on Windows. I'm told this is due to standards that are in place that require Windows. The company servers for Mail and DNS and the like, however, all run Linux.

Boy did I jump in with both feet here. They had me on part-time for a month of 3 day weeks to test me out. In that time I cleaned up their mail system, wrote some custom Perl scripts to deal with all the hack attempts getting stopped at the firewalls (this was a fun script to write; if anyone wants to know more just comment and I'll get all geeky on ya), centralized their syslog messages in a MySQL database, got their Windows boxes throwing syslog messages, recovered data from my bosses bad HD that he thought was lost (major bonus points), and started writing up notes to build a second data center that will act as a failover incase our primary goes down. I was a very busy little beaver.

Now I'm fulltime here. I've apparently made friends very quickly with everyone here. The number of geeks here is sparse and they're all in my little office, including my boss the CTO, but the number of gamers is vast. Everyone in the call center plays WoW, Vampire, D&D, Call of Cthulu, owns Xbox 360's and PSP's, etc. It was instant friendship the day Dan left his Call of Cthulu book in the break room. Once common ground was found with one of them it was like an avalanche. Was pretty cool, actually. :)

Well, time to get back to verifying the yearly backup from 2007 so we can get it moved off-site ASAP. Hope all of you that read this are well.
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