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So the mega-clutz I am is walking down Banzai's stairs this past Sunday and somehow I manage to slip. Granted I was wearing socks on a hardwood floor so I guess its not totally out of the realm of reason. So, I know now what an uncontrolled fall down half a flight of steps feels like. It's not fun. Far from it. I did manage to catch myself before doing the whole flight of steps but not without injuring myself.

The first point of stable contact with the steps was the blade of my left foot on the edge of one of the steps. There was enough friction from this meeting to tear my sock open, and then the flesh of my foot under it. Without realizing it apparently I did the right thing and folded the flap of skin that was still attached over the wound before silverguardian put a bandage on it for me. The only thing that wasn't done right was that under that should have been cleaned with peroxide when instead we just cleaned the outer layer. Now I changed the dressing last nighta nd it seemed okay. Still very tender and sore but it doesn't look infected. After talking to my sister about it I just have to watch it for infection. I should be okay.

Apart from that my weekend went pretty good. My main character on the World of Warcraft Bloodhoof server got the Soulfrost Enchant from Karazhan. This is a huge deal. I'm the only person in our guild, Synergos, that has it now. w00t! :)
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