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Well, I was finally the victim of a hacker. Saturday afternoon my World of Warcraft account was compromised. Thankfully I found out very quickly from a phone call from a friend who was curious why I wasn't answering his /whipsers. Once he was sure it wasn't me my guild started harassing him. Through clever subterfuge one of my guildmates tricked him into giving up the password that he had set on my account. Phrases like "Do you know what happens to geeks in prison?" and "Thank you for staying online to answer all these messages. It's given Blizzard customer support enough time to trace your IP address and to contact your Internet Service Provider. Legal action will be forthcoming."

Recovering the account was easy, though, because I would have done it through Blizzard's support anyway. The hard part now is getting Blizzard to give back all the items and gold that are missing. I logged to see all my characters except my raiding Warlock naked with no bags or gear. Anything that could have been sold to a vendor for coin, no matter how little, was gone. The only reason the Warlock still had all the gear she was wearing was because this little punk was using my character to farm up gold.

I'm going to do all in my power to make this hackers life miserable. I'm also going to make myself annoying to Blizzard to make sure they go after him, too, or at least give me the means to go after him myself.
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